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Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Healthy Digestion

Herbal Aloe Concentrate supports healthy digestion with organic nutrients and enzymes from the Aloe Vera plant in a refreshing digestive beverage.


Herbal Aloe Concentrate 



•  Soothes the stomach and relieves occasional indigestion

•  Improves nutrient absorption

•  Supports immunity and offers antioxidant protection

•  Made from premium-quality Aloe Vera and loaded with enzymes, amino acids vitamins

•  Includes the calming benefits of the chamomile plant

•  Refreshing digestive tonic you can mix with any beverage



Herbal Aloe Concentrate is used to offset the effects of indigestion. Its soothing properties help counter digestive dysfunction which can result in weight, energy, immunity and skin problems. Experts recommend we should consume at least two liters of water every day for our bodily systems to function optimally. Dehydration is not often recognized as the problem behind many ailments, however, every cell in the body is dependent upon a  rich fluid content.


Key Ingredients:

Aloe vera: can have positive effects on the body both internally and externally. Internally it is used to promote a healthy digestive system.

Chamomile: has been included for its gentle, soothing, calming qualities. A wellknown and widely used ancient herb, sacred to the Anglo-Saxons. Due to its positive attributes and calming properties it is particularly popular with herbalists.


Natural Lemon (Original) – an antioxidant that provides a refreshing taste.

Natural Mango Flavour – a refreshing and uplifting taste.

Mandarin Flavour – infused with the sweet flavour of Mandarin.



Herbal Aloe Concentrate is a scientifically developed beverage designed to soothe your digestive system. Aloe Vera are all organic, kosher, halal, and certified by the International Aloe Science Council (I.A.S.C.)

Herbal Aloe Concentrate is a positive and refreshing way to ensure you maintain an adequate level of water consumption.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate aids digestion. Consider replacing cordial with Herbal Aloe Concentrate to help you minimize your intake of sugar.



Mix 3 capfuls (15 ml) with 120 ml (4 fl. oz.) water. To prepare 1 quart of ready-to-consume drink, mix 1/2 cup (120 ml) concentrate with 1 qt. water.

• Refrigerate product after opening.


Flavour Original、Mango、Mandarin
Ingredients Natural
Size 473 ml


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