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Mega Garlic Plus

Mega Garlic Plus

Healthy Blood Pressure

Mega Garlic Plus is an exceptional garlic supplement that helps support cardiovascular health. acids.

Mega Garlic Plus



•  Supports healthy circulation and heart health

•  Provides the antioxidant benefits of one whole garlic clove

•  Helps maintain healthy LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within a normal range


Maintaining a healthy heart is important to keeping an active lifestyle. Mega Garlic Plus supports circulation and heart health by releasing its active ingredients once it passes through the stomach for full absorption.


Raw garlic has a strong odor and may irritate the digestive tract. With its blend of herbs and botanicals, Mega Garlic Plus provides all of the health benefits of garlic with one of the disadvantages.


Herbalife's new and improved Mega Garlic Plus contains an exceptionally high grade of garlic to support cardiovascular health. Plus, Mega Garlic Plus is enteric-coated to release active ingredients after the tablet has passed through the stomach, so your body can absorb more of the active ingredient, allicin.


Unlike raw garlic, which has a strong odor and may irritate the digestive tract, Herbalife's Mega Garlic Plus offers all of the health benefits of garlic with none of the disadvantages.



•  Take two tablet per day with a meal.

Flavour Natural
Size 60 tablets


Local purchased over 900


30 days Money Back Guarantee 


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Tags: cardiovascular, heart, antioxidant, digestive

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